COROMANDEL OUTDOOR LANGUAGE CENTRE is the friendliest little language school in New Zealand. Since1988 we have been providing excellent English tuition to students from all round the world. Students love our family atmosphere and we have a great reputation for doing those extra things to help look after our students. We provide a truly unique New Zealand experience.We teach communicative English in small classes with a maximum of 12 students. We believe in ‘learning by doing’where English learning takes place in real life situations beyond the classroom, with real tasks and interactions with local people.We teach students from 16 to 80 years old. Age is no barrier to “Learning by Doing”.
科罗曼多户外语言学校位于新西兰,学校不大,充满友爱。我们提供一流的英语培训,始于1988年,学员来自世界各地。学员喜欢这里家一样的氛围,为了给学员更好的体验我们一直坚持做一些“额外”的工作,并因此“名声在外”。在这里,你将获得真实、独一无二的新西兰体验。不超过12人的小班教学,帮助你提升英语交际能力。我们相信“Learning By Doing-学以致用” :在课堂外,在真实的生活情景中学习英语,去完成任务,去和当地人打交道。我们的学员年龄从16到80岁。“学以致用”从什么时候开始都不晚,年龄不是障碍。
NEW ZEALAND With a worldwide reputation for a clean, green environment,stunning natural beauty and friendly welcoming people, our beautiful country will definitely live up to your expectations.
WHITIANGA is a small, safe, seaside town. It is a popular holidayd estination and has an excellent variety of restaurants, bars and cafes. The local people enjoy a relaxed lifestyle which often includes ocean activities such as fishing, surfing and boating.Students are often surprised and delighted by how informal and friendly their host families are. Relaxing at the beach,watching the night sky, exploring the bush and coastline are all part of our students’ enjoyment of Whitianga. 
The school COLC is located in a renovated old Kauri villa beside the Whitianga harbour and only a few minutes walk from the centre of town. The original part of the building is one of the oldest houses in town and is surrounded by beautiful grounds that are available for games and students’ recreation. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the school.
COLC is a proud partner of the International Association of Language Centres (IALC). 
COLC is a recognised NZQA category 1 school as we can make Highly Confident judgements for educational performance and Highly Confident/Confident judgements for self-assessment capability.
Our teachers are all highly qualified and dedicated to achieving high standards in their work. Currently we have teachers from the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They use up to date methods and techniques to ensure that you make maximum progress and encourage a relaxed atmosphere so you feel comfortable speaking English, both in and outside the classroom. 
美联国际教育集团,创立于2006年。整合美国国家地理学习等海内外教学资源,提供各阶段英语学习教育服务。旗下产线品牌包括: 美联英语、美联青少英语、美联出国考试、美联留学、在线英语学习平台立刻说、3-16岁青少英语线下学习平台ABC外语学校、英语实践平台美联封闭营以及美联课堂等,囊括线上教育与线下教育。